How to Use a Mobile App to Enhance Employee Productivity

May 30, 2019 Will Pereira

Your employees work hard taking care of residents every day. When they get a free moment, they want to take care of other business. Enabling them to conveniently balance work and personal responsibilities strengthens their focus on resident care and reduces the likelihood they’ll seek employment elsewhere.

Consider mobile apps because, according to Forbes “enterprise apps increase worker and overall corporate productivity,” when they provide employees with what they need to thrive.

We designed SmartLinx Go to let employees use their mobile device to handle desired work-related tasks while streamlining scheduling, attendance, and HR functions. We tested each function with a diverse array of skilled nursing employees, who told us what an app should do and how it should do it.

What your employees want

Many employees must hunt down schedules, forms, and HR information from different physical locations. These manually-intensive processes frustrate and disengage employees, especially Millennials who expect technology to automate simple, manual tasks.

HR Solutions surveyed 29,000 healthcare employees and found that “85 percent of engaged employees displayed a genuinely caring attitude toward patients, compared to only 38 percent of disengaged employees while 91 percent of engaged employees recognize their workplace as dedicated to patient care, compared to only 42 percent of disengaged employees.”

Take control of their schedules

Since healthcare employees often rotate between shifts and facilities, they want to plan their schedules in advance and stay informed of changes. A mobile app lets them review schedules anytime and prevent scheduling conflicts.

However, giving them access to static information isn’t enough. To boost engagement, you need to deliver a unified approach that helps employees understand their scheduling options and their impact, so they can balance work-life responsibilities. When they receive an invitation to pick up extra hours, employees should see how it affects their schedule. Likewise, if they cannot work a scheduled shift, they should be able to quickly determine how taking time off would affect their PTO balance and paycheck.

Flex to support changing demands

If they can’t work a scheduled shift, employees want to use their mobile device to notify the right people and submit PTO or swap shifts. In addition to accessing their PTO balance, they want to find co-workers qualified and available to switch shifts and send them a shift swap request.

Likewise, when a colleague offers to swap, they want to see how the shift affects their schedule before deciding. Employees don’t want to run to their manager every time they’re considering a shift change, but rather request approval at the end of process and be immediately notified with the response. Most importantly, employees want to everything quickly and easily on their phone.

These capabilities not only enable employees to make the best decisions for their life, they also dramatically increase engagement and prevent unexpected open shifts.

Understand their finances

Since their hours and pay vary from week to week, healthcare employees want to quickly access timecards and detailed pay information and fix missing punches, and other errors. When applying for credit, they want to immediately print or download paystubs without contacting HR or using a personal computer. Likewise, they want to easily update employee data.

Empowering employees with the ability to make informed financial decisions strengthens their commitment to you, increasing engagement and retention rates.

An intuitive, user friendly app

Employees want an intuitive mobile app that works with their device---no matter the type or version—and want it to use familiar terminology and formats, so they don’t need to dig for features or take tutorials.

How a mobile app supports business

Quickly close scheduling gaps

A full-functioned mobile app helps managers close scheduling gaps by informing them when gaps occur and who’s qualified and available to work. It can then notify each worker in their preferred method. Managers want to track who signed up, who’s swapping shifts, and how requests impact scheduled work weeks before approving or denying them. Your managers need the app to integrate seamlessly with scheduling, attendance, and analytics to know who’s approaching overtime and limit requests for more hours.

Easily track and equip remote employees

Since a growing number of workers, travel to different sites to care for patients, employers want to authorize remote locations and enable workers to punch in there while tracking their whereabouts to ensure compliance.

Increase productivity and reduce turnover

Gallup claims, “Engaged employees make it a point to show up to work and do more work—highly engaged business units realize a 41% reduction in absenteeism and a 17% increase in productivity.”

SmartLinx Go quickly engages employees by giving them access what they need, when they need it regardless of where they are. Enabling employees to take better control of their work life and finances frees them up to focus more fully on their work.

About the Author

Will Pereira

Will Pereira serves as SmartLinx Director of Product Experience. As the principle user experience designer for the SmartLinx Solutions suite, Will conducts in-depth usability studies, interviews, ideation and feedback sessions with clients and developers with the goal of developing scalable, responsive solution that solve client problems.

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